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Monday, March 13, 2006

His Road For Us

A new day. All things are new in You, Father. The problems that I face may be the same, but the way that I face them are new in You. You give me the choice of swimming in the same stagnated pool of defeat, or to dry myself off and stand in Your light of hope and victory. You give me that choice. I choose Your way today, Father. I choose to walk and live in HOPE, in PROMISE, and in JOY. Today I choose Your way.

With all my heart, I choose Your plan for me. I know it's my choice. I can choose my way or Your way. I've seen first hand what my way gets me, Lord. I've seen what Your way gets me, as well. Forgive me for the times I fall back to the old me, trying to decide my own way, depending on myself to make a path to walk on. Without you, Father, I am not only blind, but without any sense of direction. I will always find myself back at my original starting point...lost and in need of Your direction, Your assistance. I am so grateful that You are a God of second chances...and in my case, Father, many, many chances.
I give this day to You. I give every choice I make, every word I speak to You. I ask You, Father, that I be sensitive to the leading of Your Holy Spirit this day. I pray that I will be sensitive to Your spirit within me, and that I will hear Your voice over my own. I thank you for my family, for anyone who may come upon this prayer today, and for all those whose life I enter today. You, alone, are worthy of all praise and glory. In the name of Your Son, Jesus Christ, I pray. Amen