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Sunday, June 17, 2007

God the Father

Casey and I dined out today for Father's Day. We celebrated the love we have for our Father and the love He has for us. When all our fathers have left us, whether it be they passed on or moved out, there is still THE FATHER that loves us beyond our understanding. Today we celebrated the ultimate Father on Father's Day. We shared remembrances of my father and of Casey's paternal grandfather. We shared memories of my dad, Casey's 'Pop', taking his teeth out at the table at The Cracker Barrel one Thanksgiving, but we also remembered his teaching Casey and his brother how to fish, hit a baseball and always calling me 'Tex' after I'd moved to Texas from Indiana. We remembered how his paternal grandfather, 'Papa', loved to play Skip-Bo, generously gave neck rubs and always wore button down shirts. Then we shared the ways our Heavenly Father has blessed us both in so many, many ways...and how great it is that he and I both can share a Father.

Many do not have a father to celebrate Father's Day with, not one in the worldly sense, and today, that was okay for my son and I. We rejoiced in the true Father of us all. We celebrated this day, not only His love for us, but our love for Him.

Happy Father's Day.