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Thursday, March 23, 2006


Sometimes I forget that I'm to 'lift' someone up. When I say that I'm to lift someone, I mean to speak to the Father on their behalf. To pray for them... When I realize I've forgotten to pray for someone, especially if I've told them I would, well, it's the lowest feeling. How simple is it to pray for someone? What was more important? What did I do instead of? Watch t.v., take a walk, read a book? It's not just for the person that I was to pray for, but it's that personal time with my Father, with the Creator of everything that I opted to give my time to instead of Him.

What if one of my boys friends needed a ride to somewhere we were going, and they told them they'd aske me if I'd take them...and they forgot. What if one of my neighbors were without food and I told them I'd go to the store for them...and I forgot. Is it any different? Is there anything more important than petitioning the Father on someone else's behalf? It's our nature to reach out to Him when we are in need, when we are in despair. It's in His nature that we do it when it's someone else in need and despair. It's in our nature to taste of that forbidden fruit (Eve), it's our nature to be jealous of others success (Saul), it's our nature to covet, to desire what's precious to someone else (David). Thankfully, it's in His nature to forgive, to know our potential and to love us in spite of our own nature. I think of our nature as being the shadow that follows the Sun. Follow the Sun, or follow the shadow?

I come to you with a heavy heart. I, first, give those burdens to you, Lord. They are too heavy for me. I know they are of my making, but by Your grace, I am able to lay them at the feet of my Lord Jesus, and for this I give You thanks. With my lightened load, Lord, I bow before You. I ask You to forgive me of my selfishness, for putting myself before others and for putting the desires of my heart before the needs of others.
Father, I lift up to you those who have been stricken with satan's lies. I ask you, Lord, that Your healing would be an action in the lives of the many I lift up to You this day. I pray for those that are inflicted with cancer this morning, I don't need to mention their names, Father, as you know my heart and You know their needs. I pray that they would find a peace today that will surround them as they go about their day. I bind the fear that satan puts in their way and I cast him from their walk today. Lord, healing is not only a gift, but a right given to us as Your children. I thank you for it, I thank you for the good reports of others today and as always, I thank You for Your faithfulness. I love you God, You are my heart. In Jesus name, Amen.