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Thursday, July 06, 2006

I Will Trust

When new trouble throws itself into our path, we have choices. We can back up, and run. We can beg for mercy. Or, we can realize that it is not in our path, but that it is us that is in it's path. Trouble, pain,'s not of God, it's of Satan. When we are on God's path, doing God's will, and enjoying the fruits of our labor or obedience, we are actually in Satan's way. He has no desire for us to bear the fruits of God, it could be contagious to those we encounter. Satan will throw every possible curve and roadblock in our way, not only to discourage our faith and our blessings, but to keep us from spreading it to others.
The best defense that I've found is remembering what God has seen me through before. To remember that He has never let me down and He has made roads for me where it seemed impossible to be any.
It's Satan's hope that we will focus on the problem directly in front of us, and not on the miracles and mercies of our yesterdays. Satan, above all things, is a deceiver...and a good one, he's had much practice. He rejoices in our fear.
This is where I'm smiling. Fear has no place in God. Fear is a natural emotion, and it's common for it to hit us. However, the Word tells us to renew our minds, and when we do, there is no fear. There are only memories, recalling all of the many, many times God has seen us through the trials and tribulations that at the time (when we gave place to satan's fear) seemed overwhelming. But remembering that we got through it, that we were victorious through God, our loving Father, with whom nothing is impossible...then peace comes. And we smile. And that peace, that smile, that trust that the Lord our God is stronger than any circumstance or situation thrown our way, is the dynamite that blows Satan's roadblock right out of our path that God has given us to travel. It is Satan that will have to find a new road this time, because once again, he lost his right to the path that I am traveling.

I ask you to forgive me for any fear that I have allowed into my life, into my heart and into my mind. I thank You, Lord, that You have wiped my tears and held my heart in the palm of your hands. You, alone, will I focus on. I thank You for the love You have shown me, the many, many ways that You prove to me that I have no need to fear, that You are always with me. You, thank you Jesus, will never walk out on me, never abandon myself or my children and will make a way where sometimes it seems there isn't one. Nothing, absolutely nothing, is impossible with You.
I thank You for the joy You have given me, and that You are faithful to Your promises.
In the name of Jesus, my one and only Lord and Savior, I pray. Amen.