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Tuesday, March 28, 2006


Last night I got angry at some news we received about my mom-in-law. She'd came to Dallas for a second opinion on her cancer, which had returned, hoping it would differ from the diagnosis she got back home in Lubbock. It didn't. They're recommending Hospice. I love Hospice, they were there for my dad at a critical time and made it more comfortable for him...and my sister and I. Yet, still I got angry.
My mom-in-law is such a sweet lady. She's smuggled bibles into China, made several trips to worship and study in Israel. Her life is and has always been one of a faithful servant. She told me last night that though she's rebuking the news (that's my girl!) she is walking in the sweetest peace. She told me I shouldn't be angry. I believe in righteous anger. Mark 11:15 tells us about Christ having a bit of a righteous fit when he overturned tables and chairs, throwing out those who defiled His Father's temple. We all deal differently.
After wanting and believing for children for so long, when we became pregnant with Casey I developed a cyst on my right ovary in my first trimester. It grew at an amazing rate and the doctors said I needed to have it removed, but wanted to try to wait until the end of the first trimester to give Casey a greater chance of surviving the surgery. I saw the cyst on the sonograms, I could feel it. They estimated it was the size of a large grapefruit, close to 10 pounds. I was reading Frank Perritti's 'This Present Darkness' (an excellent fictional read) and I will always be grateful for this book. I cursed that cyst, it was a lie. Isaiah 54:17 ~ No weapon that is formed against thee shall prosper. Luke 1:37 ~ For with God nothing shall be impossible. Exodus 23:23 tells us to expect supernatural intervention. In Exodus 23:25 ~ I will take sickness away from the midst of thee. I would tell my doctors that the tests were lies and that God would prove it to them. The week before surgery to remove it, the cyst was estimated at weighing 15 lbs. The day before surgery, I was at the hospital for the last of the blood work and miscellaneous tests. They took the same tests over several times and several sonograms. They told me to go home, they needed to talk to contact my doctor. My doctor called us to say, though he couldn't explain it, the cyst was gone. Nothing of it remained, no evidence it had ever existed. I've had so many healings, I am a walking testimony. I know the power of God when you walk in Faith.
So why am I angry about my mom-in-laws news? Because I get angry at the devil, at his lies. I believe in righteous anger. I get loud when I come against sickness, when I bind and rebuke the lies of satan. I don't believe when Christ was ordering the money changers from the temple, throwing over table and chairs, that He did it with a whisper and a gentle touch. He was full of righteous anger.
With that said, I also give thanks for Gods faithfulness. I believe we are to recognize, identify and stand before our enemies (problems) and expect Gods supernatural intervention to go before us and cut them off! When we stand in faith, He will always cause us to triumph (II Cor. 1:24, 2:14).
My mom-in-law is walking in that supernatural peace that only God can give us. I stand with her in giving thanks not only for her healing, but for her...for the Good News she has shared all of her life. I give God thanks for bringing our lives together, and for the wonderful example of Love that she has been for me.

I thank You for Your many mercies. I thank You that You are forever faithful. I ask Your forgiveness for where I have fallen, and I thank You for always loving me regardless of my errors.
Father, I stand on Your Word, that through You, ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE. You've not given us any limitations Lord, as long as it is in Your will, and in accordance with Your Word, all things are possible to us. You, Lord, are Healing, You are Love, You are Light in this world of darkness. I choose to not walk in the shadows, Father, but to stand boldly with thanksgiving in Your Light.
I bind the lies of satan, his lies of sickness and disease. I speak Your truth over those lies. Your joy is our strength. I will fear not, for Thou are with me. You give us rest on every side. I walk in that peace, that joy and that rest today, Lord. I will not give satan another moment of my day, but I will rejoice in You.
In the blessed name of Jesus I pray. Amen.