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Monday, July 10, 2006


Forever is longer than one can put into words. It's too long to carry a grudge. I honestly believe that when someone hurts you and does you wrong, that it gives them power over you as long as you hold it against them. Until the minute that you completely and totally forgive them, you are giving them power over every element of your life.
Anger and resentment will eat away at your heart, even a precious and gentle heart, like the cancer that it is.
I believe that we must forgive, and forgive completely, as much for ourselves as for the ones we are forgiving. We can not say that we forgive someone and still wish them hurt and pain. It's only when we can honestly hope that the person that has wronged us will walk along side the Lord and be blessed, that we can say that we have truly forgiven them. And it's only then, that we, also, can once again walk along side our Lord and be blessed.

Please forgive me of my mistakes. See my heart, know my mind and convict me of where I err. I wish with all that is within me to be free to worship You, to hear You clearly and to do Your will in my life. Help me to teach this to my children by being an example, Lord.
In the name of Jesus, I pray. Amen.