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Monday, April 10, 2006

A Couple of Birds

I was walking outside today, taking out some trash. It's such a gorgeous day here, warm and sunny. Beautiful. As I start to walk back inside, I notice two large blackbirds walking across my sidewalk, side by side. Both have their heads up towards that warming sunshine. I'd watered my front yard this morning pretty good, and there had been a lot of birds out getting wet and later, looking for food. These two big birds just walked together, across my sidewalk, into the grass and hopped into the road together. They were so peaceful to watch. I just leaned on the hood of my car and watched them. I could feel the warmth of the sun on my back and I was enjoying this so much, don't ask me why, I just was. The birds took their time walking across the street, making one small circle in the middle of the road, then hopped the sidewalk across the street and into my neighbors yard. I was smiling watching them, watching the sun shine off the blackness of their feathers.
I hear someone in the background ask "What'cha doing?". I was so focused on the birds, I didn't notice anyone else around me. My next door neighbor had been watching me, watch the birds. I just laughed and told her that I was bird watching and she said 'but those are just old blackbirds'.
I sort of felt sorry for her when she said that. I'd only spent a few minutes of my time watching them, but they gave me some pleasure...a joy inside just taking my time watching them enjoy the sun and each other. I suppose that's what is different in a lot of people and whether those people are happy or not. I'm truly grateful that I can appreciate the small things, that I find joy in simple pleasures and that I can look at something see the beauty within it rather than what is on the outside, what most of the world sees. "Just old blackbirds"? No, not to me.

I ask You to forgive me of my sins and any trespasses I have committed against others. I pray, Lord, that I would always be able to see Your love in all things You've created. I pray that I would never become so spoiled by the world that I would not be able to see what You have done and what you have created. I believe in simple pleasures, I believe in simple joy and I believe that You are visible in all things if we'd but take the time to look.
I love you, Father, with all that I am, with all that You've created me to be.
In the name of my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, Amen.