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Wednesday, April 05, 2006


I have a lot of non Christian blogger life, not so much. Like minded and all that. I don't know why it's different in blogland. However, I find myself praying more for my blogland friends than my 'in life' friends. I don't know why. Perhaps because when we blog, we sometimes find it easier to open ourselves up emotionally. There is a veil of anonymity. In life, sometimes you have to reveal more than you want exposed when you're in need of prayer. I understand that. There are things I don't want to share about myself to my Mom-in-law, to some of my friends or even my husband. Thankfully, I can go directly to God, He already knows the worst, and loves me still. People are not so forgiving.
I think that is why in blogland we open ourselves up more. We don't see the look of a readers disapproval, we don't feel the cold of the readers back being turned on us. Therefore, with the freedom to express our thoughts and tell the secrets of our lives without being held accountable for them in 'real' life, we are more apt to open up. And, because of this, I have more of an idea where someone may be in need of prayer in their life. Health, loneliness, fear, regret...we lay it all out in blogland. God is able to use all things for the good of His Children, and when we seek His guidance, He is able to use us too.

Forgive me, Lord, for the mistakes I've made. I ask You to be in control of my life, to be the Head of my life, to be the Voice that I listen to and the Road that I travel. I thank You for each and every tool that enables us to lift one another up. I thank You, Father, for the hunger you've given me to help others, to meet the needs of others when I can, and to share Your love with others. This world was empty and cold for me, Father, before I asked You into my life. I pray that the chains that bind so many, the veil that blinds so many and the fear that imprisons so many would be removed and that Your love and Your light would be born within them. I pray that Your Spirit would set their spirits on fire, a Holy and Righteous fire that would give their life meaning, direction, hope and the ultimate joy. All these things I have found in You, Father.
In the Holy name of my Lord, Jesus Christ, I pray and give You thanks. Amen.