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Wednesday, April 12, 2006


I look at death much differently than most people. I've been thought of as hard hearted when some of my favorite and most loved people have passed. Yes, I mourned...for me. My loss, not theirs. People ask how God can be so cruel as to take good people from us. I don't know if it's because I wasn't raised Christian, since I didn't come to Christ till my late 20's, but I don't deal with a lot of theological questions. However, the way I have thought of death since I did come into His love is that it's like that exercise where you have someone you trust stand behind you, and you fall backwards...knowing that person will catch you. I'm not afraid of death, because I know that God, the Creator of all things, my Father, will catch me in His open and welcoming arms.
Try to imagine someone that you, in your life, have loved more than life itself. Imagine not having been able to see, touch or hold that person for a painful amount of time. Imagine that reunion, the anticipation and the joy of coming together after having been apart for so long. Multiply that feeling times an infinite number and that is the way I imagine it will be when we are finally in our Fathers arms. Fear it? No. I long for it.

I come before You with an open heart this morning, asking You to see the depths of my heart and forgive me of any sins lurking there. I give my heart to You this morning and I ask that it be made pure.
Father, I rejoice in the knowledge that one day, I will be in Your loving arms and I will be at the only true home which You have created and designed with Your children in mind. I praise You with every breathe I take. I give this life to You, be it as it is. I thank You for those I can reach and I pray that their day will be filled with Your love, Your desire in their heart and Your joy in each step they take. Help us, Lord, to keep our eyes trained on you, our minds focused on Your destination for us, and our hearts filled with Your joy so that we may share it with others.
In the blessed name of my Lord, Jesus Christ, Amen.