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Thursday, April 13, 2006

Walk, Don't Run

Sometimes it seems like we're stagnate. Like we're so stagnate in life that mold is fixin to grow on us. *Fixin is Texan for going to* It's okay. Sometimes we need down time, quiet time, listening time. Life isn't all about action. Sometimes we're so use to being on the go, that when life may seem slow for a period of time, it feels wrong. It's not. It's not wrong to go about the same daily tasks for a few days, a month or even years, if that's how God is directing you. The Word tells us to be still and listen. Christ retreated to a quiet place to listen, to communicate with the Father. There were many times the Word tells us that Christ couldn't be found. What was He doing? Who cares, it's not our business to know. We do know that He was about His Fathers business, and that, my friends, is all we need to know.
It's possible to be busy with worthy causes without being about our Fathers business. It's likely that God has you reaching, touching, affecting each and every person in your path today, and all you have to do is be about His business. What is His business? That's between you and Him. His plan for my life isn't His plan for your life. That man you let cut in front of you yesterday on the highway with a smile on your face...he was expecting you to give him an unchristian like motion with your finger. :) You didn't, and that changed his outlook for that moment, maybe for his day. You, my sweet brother and sister, were about your Fathers business.
Please know, that as long as you're asking God to direct your steps and relaying His love to others, that your life is as meaningful and worthy as Mother Teresa's was, as Nelson Mandella's are worthy and about your Fathers business. Live without question, but with servitude.

I ask You, Lord, to forgive me of any sins I am harboring this morning. I thank You for the love You have for me, to see what I'm about, even though I'm still questioning it. It's like the bridge questioning if it's doing it's job by standing still, while it's being used for the purpose it was created for. I will not waste time questioning, Lord, but I will use that time giving You thanks that I am an instrument created to walk in Love that others may know You.
I praise You. I pray Your blessing over all those who read this today. I pray that their hearts would be filled with the joy of Your love, that their spirits would be sensitive to the leading and guiding of Your Holy Spirit and that they would know that they are loved by Love Itself.
In the name of Your Son, Jesus Christ, my Lord and Savior, I ask these things, Amen.