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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Turn The Page

There was such a great message this past weekend at church. The title of it was called 'Page Turner', and was taught by Janay McDonald. You can watch it here. Janay compared our lives to a book, a novel, that we write ourselves. The first part of the book would be the prologue, the small start of the book that would catch you up on all things before the true story begins. This part of 'our' book would be our life before Christ. Though it's an important part of our book, it's not the main story. It's the explanation of what leads us to the main story.

Page one, chapter one, is the day we accept Christ. It is at that moment that our 'book', our life begins. Everything up to this point was merely a means of getting here. This is where our true story begins. It's where our life begins.
As in all books worth reading, there are highs and there are lows. A book without some twists wouldn't be worth the purchase price. A great price was paid for our 'book' and it's well worth the read. There are trials, there are tribulations and there is triumph. There is a villain, there is a Hero. There are choices to be made. There are mysteries, there are revelations.

As with every book we pick up and read, there is one goal. The ending, the finishing of the book. I've never bought a book and only wanted to read the first 3/4 of the story. No, I pick it up to ultimately know the ending. Through a good book, sometimes I want to jump ahead and read the ending because I just can't stand not knowing how it all turns it ends.

Well, with our book, we all know our ending. We already know our epilogue. It's our forever after with our Father. Our epilogue was known to us at the beginning of Chapter one. It's life everlasting with Christ. It's the happily ever after that we hope for in every book we read, but for us, it's real. We know that we have a happily ever after, that we will reside in Heaven with our Father.

Every story has a prologue, story and an epilogue. The prologue gets us to our main story. The story, though different for every author, will eventually have an ending. My epilogue makes the prologue and the story worth writing...each and every page, to get to it.

If you have a few minutes, I encourage you to visit the link above and hear this message yourself. I apologize for not having done it justice, just did the best I could. :)

I am sorry for my mistakes. For the ones I've made knowingly, and for the ones that I've yet to understand or realize. I thank You that You are a forgiving Father, that You understand the element of human error and love us in spite of ourselves.
I thank You for Janay's message, I thank You for the means it took to bring it to me, and that my family and I were able to be present to hear it. I thank You for each and every life that I was able to bring it to with this post. I know, Father, that regardless of what I've written, that Your Holy Spirit will breathe the message You have for each person that reads this, into it. Your ways are amazing and I am in awe of how You will use each of us, if we will allow You. I give You my life willingly, Father and ask You to use me.
Thank You, Lord. I love You with all that I am and all that I will be. In Jesus name I pray, Amen.